Aug 24, 2014

Expect the unexpected..

I got me a new camera!!!!!! It was a late birthday present given to me by my mother. 
It's a Canon EOS Rebel T3. My first eva DSLR and I'm loving it!!

Too bad the first of my many photo's are of my boyfriend in the hospital.
He didn't even give me a day to break it in.................

Yep. He broke his neck. Let's start from the beginning in photos..

(The first few photos were before the accident and taken with my new camera)

Best friend cat Bella

Best friend dog Bosco

Mah baby Midnite 

My best friend roommate and I

Waiting in the ER for results. 
He landed directly on his neck.

2:30 in the morning waiting in ER..

Morning of surgery. 
Suffered 2 cervical fractures after falling directly on neck.
Would need replaced 2 disc where bones were broken.
The guy is lucky he wasn't paralyzed..

Morning of surgery - Bella - best friend house.

After surgery, oldest slibing

 Cute selfie - him and some of his fam.  

His birthday.. July 19th............

Enjoying videos on Facebook.

I dropped my best friend off at the local Work Force office. Her roommate and I decided to run around town and ended up at a park (see photo above of us sitting at dock). All was fine until Matthew friend called me screaming "Yo Nicole come now please hurry Matt's hurt hurry hurry I am serious hurry hurry" with Matt screaming in the background. My best friend, her roommate and I rushed to the hospital. 

Took roughly 2 hours to get the first results back. Chest xray was beautiful but we were now waiting for the CT Scan. I already knew something was wrong as it doesn't take that long for a CT scan to be read. I kindly ask the nurse about the wait and she was said she wasn't sure but was order to give him a extremely high dose of a narcotic although he was given high dosages of morphine already. We gave each other a look since she knew I knew what that meant - nothing good.

The ER physician ordered an MRI because of the severity of the situation. There was too much of a mess going on and she needed to make sure 1000%. Sure enough although Matthew could walk, talk, and function after landing directly on his neck he fractured into pieces 2 bones that were extremely close to touching his spinal cord and dislocated 2 disc. 

The ER physician (who was a amazing soul) pulled me aside and told me he was extremely extremely extremely lucky because in over 80% in these type of case the person normally is paralyzed in some way. She then went on to say he would need surgery and there was no need to place him in the ICU but to be worried about the surgery. That was the next step.

There was 1 in 8 people chance that the spinal cord may be injured during the surgery. We were all panicking. But everything turn out great. He's making a speedy, speedy recovery!

I'm sleepy. I'm not even sure if the previous I wrote made any sense, ha. Well, I hope every one's summer has been great! 

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  1. congrats on the new camera! so sorry to hear about what happened to your boyfriend. that's so crazy!!!!! glad that he's ok though.

  2. A lucky escape - I wish you boyfriend all the best Nicole, and the pix are fantastic, I like Midnite, Bella and Bosco.



  3. Oh my god he is so so lucky. Thanks goodness it wasn't worse!!

    Can you add a GFC follow button on here so I can follow? :)

  4. Oh my gosh, that is insane. I don't even know what to say. I am so glad it wasn't worse.

  5. How scary!!! I am so glad he is on the road to recovery!! You all will be in my prayers

  6. I'm really glad he's doing alright, Nicole. Sorry you guys had to go through that!