Jun 24, 2014


Words can't describe how bored I have been lately......

Flowers for my mom..

Recent selfie at beach.. Swollen nose from accident 
Recent selfie at old high school..


Bait fish.. 

Miami Shores bay..

My dad LOVES barbecuing .. 


Someone ran head on into me. I don't know what she was going but I saw her staring down as she made the turn towards me. I made a complete stop as posted and saw her approaching me against traffic. $4000 worth of damage to my car, only $500 to hers. I wanted to smack her so hard when she told the on scene officer "I have more damage on my car then she does.." Dude.. every time I look at my car now I cry. I can hear him outside crying for me to fix him. 

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  1. Hi Nicole, the yellow flowers for your mom are so lovely, I really like all flowers:)
    I hope you're okay, and I wish you all the best after the crash with the car.



    Thank you for your kind comments, and I'm 5'7" tall and my hubby ca. 6'1".

  2. so sorry to hear about your car. i'd be sooo pissed off too. that's suck

  3. Hi Nicole :) These shots are so good (well, all except the last one about getting hit by that lady! What an idiot she was) I especially love the bait fish and the yellow flowers.

  4. That is such a shame to hear about your car. People are crazy :[ I love your photos - the flowers are so pretty :] Also, sorry you've been bored. It's summer - embrace the down time.