Apr 30, 2014

Photo dump

Extreme high tide - 10 a.m.

Baby cuda

I find it ironic that as I spent yesterday at the beach my love was working close by looking over the ocean. (About 5-10 minutes away to be exact!) 
The picture looks better on my phone..

I've been chillin' at the beach quite a lot lately. The sun, the sand, the warm water - it all feels so good for the soul. Except when you have a painful sun burn. I could barley sleep last night. My skin isn't peeling but it is warm and painful to the touch. And of course the areas affected are the of all the worse; upper thighs where shorts typically lay, around belly button where you zip or button, bra straps.. it's just not a good feeling. Thankfully it will all blend in as tan in another day or so. Of course I used sunscreen but..

I have been going to this beach/park since I was born. I have countless of pictures and memories here. The park is HUGE but a majority of it is water. The beach water is always clean, warm and non-salty (well, not that salty is what I mean..) I consider it as a inlet lagoon since the water comes in from the bay into the man-made beach. I'm not a fan of big waves. I love to tube against the surf back to shore but I'm not to crazy about waves. Matt the on other hand loves waves for bodyboarding.

I'm going to get back to my laying down and watching T.V. I hope the week is treating you all well.

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  1. Great for you Nicole, we have here bad weather in Switzerland with rain and fog, but your pics are great - The flower and the bird:)



  2. the water in the first few pictures are so crystal clear! i can just imagine how good it would feel to dive in right now! i'm missing the beach and sun. it's been rainy here on the weekends...and now as i sit at my desk and look out, it's sunny :p

  3. i've been to the beach more often than i had before in my entire life during last month! haha,,
    ah, now seeing your pictures make me want to go again

  4. Hey Nicole, where are you - I miss you:)