Oct 23, 2013

Photo dump

Some people are crazy. It seems as though they just don't want you to be happy. How can one be enjoying their life and pretty much doing what they do need and still are randomly under attack? If leaving notes on a car and 'accidently' texting a persom from other numbers at 3am isn't bizarre I beg you to please tell what is.

Then I have to ask myself what have I done wrong.  Some people are just crazy..
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  1. I quite agree Nicole, some people are really crazy, we have here so stupid men and women, huh!!

    You have so fantastic pictures here, I like the pics with the boat, the birds and the sun.



  2. Some people just pretty much do outrageous things I suppose?

    Gorgeous photos! Love them all especially the one with the leaf. ♡ :-)

  3. ah, that's suck. i know that kind of person. maybe because they don't happy with their lives? or maybe they're just simply crazy.

    love the pictures!!! no.6 is my favorite

  4. Some people are just totally crazy, they crave craziness.

  5. I have heard it be told that crazy is the new normal :)

  6. Great photos Nicole, I feel like they get better each time. I love the wire fence and the seagull.