Sep 16, 2013

Photo Dump - deep sea fishing


Roughly 7-8 miles out, 1000 ft of water

I have been meaning to go on a trip with my dad for awhile now.  I really don't enjoy the deep sea fishing. I'm not a fan of waking up so early and sea-sick pills that only last 1-2 hours.  But my dad loves when I go and I wanted to see how his new equipment work.  The fish seen above are snappers called Rosie's and they are as sweet as can be.  They live in the very, very deep cool water of roughly 800+ feet and you need special equipment to catch them (as seen above).  After dropping the line down (which takes above 10 minutes) the fish (who swim in schools) are attractive to a flashing green light.  You then just bring them up! Rosie's have an extremely good taste because they live so fall down that they have very little to no interaction with pollution.  They are defiantly worth trying!

I do apologize for the bulk load of pictures but they were so many to chose from I decided to show them all! All has been well on my end.  School has been less hectic (knock on wood, don't get crazy on me!!)  I am seriously thinking of purchasing my first little apartment next summer (in which I am really excited about). Life is just.... good.  I hope your's is just as pleasant! 
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  1. This looks like it was a wonderful day. These pictures are amazing. I am really loving all the photos you take on this blog Nicole.


  2. The pics are so wonderful Nicole, I like the second pic very much:-)



  3. Your photos are always so cool! I always get sea sick too! But I always enjoy riding ferryboats and looking at the sea.

    Glad you had an amazing time with your dad! God bless! :-)