Sep 19, 2013

Photo dump - Adventures of Midnite

This cat loves to go outside but unfortunately I have to watch her because she is crazy (will attack ANY animal) and she loves to wander off into others yards (I don't approve of her entering ANY other yard besides my own).  I thought it would be a good idea to get a few shots of her 'wandering around' although she hates being photographed.

She is honestly the cutest thing ever.  If I close my door she will sit at the door crying and scratching on it trying to come in.  I have to leave the bathroom door a little open because if I close it she will go crazy.  She usually walks in to check up on me, even when I'm in the shower.  Whether I'm in the living room, in the kitchen, sitting on the floor or even on the roof she wants to be right next to me.  When someone knocks at the door she comes running towards them and greets them with a loud meow.  She knows exactly when snack time is and runs around the house at about 45 miles per hour at least 6 times a day (including night).  She is just so so so lovably cute!!  She drives me crazy but I love her to death.  That's my baby girl.  
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  1. Oh fantastic Nicole, I love Midnite, so cute:)



  2. Aww she's a beautiful girl! Gorgeous photos, as always! <3 :-)

  3. What bright, beautiful pictures. We used to have a black cat named Olive...looked just like your sweet kitty!

  4. She's adorable! And your photos are wonderful, as usual!

    And can I just say that I love that you're not afraid to get down on the ground to take photos! I admire that about so many of your photos!

  5. Loooove the pics of nature! this cat is adorable!