Aug 1, 2013

Photo Dump

Evening rides are the best. Except when you almost run over a young girl with your bike. (I am really, really sorry again..........) Other then that, evening rides are good!

6612. That's the number of photo's and videos I have taken with my Canon Powershot since February of 2011. This includes shots that were taken by accident, deleted photo's, stupid videos and all the rest. Never would I have thought I have taken that many with just one camera!
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  1. Love the 2nd pic, fantastic Nicole!

    I wish you a huge weekend:)



  2. speaking of evenings, we've been swimming in the mixing things up! great photos~

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  3. what a lovely day and a lovely place to ride a bike. i missed your photos!!!!!

  4. Hey Nicole! Have been blog walking and came across your site - lovely imagery!

  5. looking stunning as always my friend! Totally loving the style from head to toe. xx

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  6. Love your photos! Now you made me miss riding a bike! I haven't gone riding for such a looong time, I wonder if I still know how to ride one?? :-)


  7. Oh I love the shadow, what a fun picture!

    P.S. I'm giving away a $100 gift card to Boxie this week and I would love for you to come and enter!

  8. Love the evening sun, it is so beautiful!

  9. really cool photos! the light is beautiful...
    thanks for stopping by the other day!

  10. Love all the biking pictures, although it makes me miss mine so much (I had to leave it in the UAE... it got a good home though...)