Jul 10, 2013

Photo Dump - Ughhhhh

I visited the eye doctor today and it wasn't pretty.  Let's begin with the fact that I have had a eye lid infection for 6+ months now.  It's itchy, red, nasty and the most annoying physical thing I have experience yet to date in my young life.  Thanks to this infection I have begin to really appreciate baby oil.  Anyways.. the doctor had to dilate my eyes which is of course my favorite thing ever.  At least she only put in a few drops but I didn't appreciate the fact that she almost took off my sensitive skin with her huge nails.  As I sat with the tech to discuss prices for frames, polarized lenses,  and all the rest (yah know, all that expensive extra stuff I need.......) I began to hear credit card cry in my wallet and I cried along with her.  Only good news I heard today is that my eyes haven't changed much and they are 'absolutely perfect'.  Pssh.  Maybe once I receive my glasses I'll have a better attitude.

I must go now.  My body would love for me to curl up in a ball in my bed.  Maybe next time I won't be so bummed out.  I'll catch up with you lovey people tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Or next weekend after my birthday.
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  1. Dear Nicole, get well soon:)



  2. Your eyelashes are amazing!

    I do hope, though, that you are well soon enough!

  3. i hope your eyelid infection clears up soon. 6 months is a long time to be dealing with it!

    Em K

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  4. Before I read about dilation I was thinking, "Man, she has some HUGE pupils!"

  5. Look at those eyelashes! Wow!

  6. great pics!


  7. What beautiful photos! And happy early birthday!