Jul 1, 2013

Photo dump - Local park


When I was young I use to love going to this park.  It was always so quite, peaceful, tons of turtles and best of all - ponies.  I really love horses.  They are brilliant creatures.  I especially love the huge Budweiser one's and have seriously took into consideration of owning one in the future. But yah know.. we all dream.  I miss riding solo with horses.. it's seriously so much fun.  The next best thing to riding a horse are camels!

Wasn't I a cutie?! I dunno' what happen though.................. ;)
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  1. Lol, you was a cute girl, and now a cute young woman, I like the pics:)



  2. This looks like an absolutely perfect day :-)

  3. i had a favorite park too back when i was a kid. it was in my neighbourhood. it had pond with lotus grew on it, and big giant trees surrounded the park. so pretty.

    i also remember that my dad took me to a park where i rode on a horse, elephant and camel. i thought i was so cool.

    love that picture of you.

  4. You are still just as beautiful! That park looks so peaceful