Jun 20, 2013

Photo Dump - Fathers Day

After the Sailfish screwed up the fishing line, my dad was forced to bring in the huge fish by hand.

I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the shots my dad captured on Father's Day with my Go Pro camera. Two Sailfish were caught that day; a 60 pounder and a 50 pounder. I only shared the rather less gruesome shots so that explains why you only see one Sailfish. The other fish (Troat) was caught on different day.

My dad goes out fishing every weekend on his open fisherman boat. He does deep sea fishing, fishes in the bay and has a mini charter business going. He absolutely loves taking people out fishing. He catches his own bait around 4am in the bay then heads out to his fishing spots. He has a album filled with pictures of all the fish he has caught within the last 10 years. It's not rare for him to bring home 20 decent size King Fish in one day. He has caught countless of fish within the last 15 years including Maui Maui (Wild Dolphin), Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Grouper even Sharks and 22 Sailfish to date. We have gone mini lobster fishing before but I'm not a big fan of it. What does he do with all of the fish? He sells it privately and to the public. He is smoking the Sailfish as I write this which taste really good when cold! I of course taught him all of his skills. We have competitions on who can catch the most fish and I usually win with scores close to each other. Once he realizes I am magnet to the fish he takes my rod! If we were not fishing then usually hang out on the sand bar or at our local island spot.

Great Father's Day present huh? You bet. He was literally in tears on the phone and came in 4 hours earlier than usual. Although I still believe what I gave him was better.. Ha. ;)

Oh, and go Miami Heat! WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Pictures of the ocean are my favorite! Thanks for sharing. As far as your hair comment goes, I think layers would suit you. I was so scared to cut mine because it was soooo long, and I was so scared that I would look insane, but I thought, well, hair grows, so if it doesn't look right, it will get back where it was in a few months :) do what feels right, love. <3

  2. It seems that someone else has an eye for art!

    You know, I've never gone fishing in my life - and absolutely wish I had.

    I'm glad you're so good at it and can kick his butt in that department!

  3. Hello Nicole, the 4th pic is so wonderful with the blue sky - Congratz to the huge fish and for the Championships:)

    Warm regards:)


    Lol, the name for Kim Kardashian and Kanye Wests babygirl is North, so weird!

  4. I have here a new name for the baby (Source: 20Min.com Switzerland: Kaidence Georgia Donda West.



  5. Ha ha, my husband was hoping for Miami to win too. =]
    I haven't been fishing in so long! I would love to spend a day out on the water though, that looks lovely.

  6. love the 6th photo. i don't fish, but love going out on the boat. sounds like a nice father's day for your dad.

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  7. Your photography is gorgeous!