May 29, 2013

Photo Dump: B&W

Is it me or is the contrast in black & white photos difficult to achieve?? I spent half of my Memorial Day with fam and the at the place above. The lighting at the time wasn't as expected so I decided to mess around with black and white. My dad and I once walked through those waters with our blow up boat. The current was ridiculous and I was afraid of something biting me. After the train tracks there's a bridge where the water is even more stirred up. My plan was to go in the water up to my knee's but I forgot how deep the water is in the middle (mid-length). Besides getting chased by raccoon's and almost shitting my pants when the train went by - it was a good time.

(Right after being chased by untamed animals..)
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  1. Hi Nicole, the first and the second pic with you is cute:)

    I think Britney is a amazing dancer and singer - I like her Toxic and Criminal and of course One More Time.



  2. I like black and white, but can rarely pull it off myself. And I totally agree that making photos black and white can save it from awkward lighting!

    In other news, I really like your new layout - and the fact that your photos are much larger now!

  3. WOW, Nicole. These black and white photos are gorgeous! :-)

  4. Love black and white photos too!