Apr 8, 2013

A Photo Dump

Although I live in Miami (N. Miami Beach, to be exact) I am rarely ever in the area of Downtown Miami. I have been downtown a lot recently and have been meaning to get some shots (as I never took any there before) but was never in the mood for it. There is a lot to see and above isn't even half of it all but I hope to get many more soon. 

Next weekend; The Florida Keys! Well, hopefully....

I apologize for being MIA on here. I took on my first 'real' job recently and needed to get adjusted to that. I hope to maintain this blog more often. I'll catch up on all of you soon.
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  1. my favorite lighting is in the last photo. i don't know why. i think it's so pretty

  2. Love the pics with the fish and with the cat:)



  3. gorgeous photos as always, nicole! i love the photo of the cat, so cute :-)

    i wish you the best on your job! God bless! <3 :-)

  4. I love exploring new places - and grabbing some photos like you did! I look forward to seeing what else you discover!

  5. Beautiful shots, I really love the composition of the cigg one. Congrats on the new job!