Mar 7, 2013

New things

Hello sweet people. 

I have mention before how I want to go forward with a few things regarding to my photographs and it looks like I'm finally ready to dive on in. I have been a little uneasy about it but I look forward to it all. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. (:

I have decided to do the famous 52 week project over here. I have already missed a week but I will defiantly catch up. I hope to practice my photo manipulation skills!

You may follow me @nmephotoblog . I am following several of you but many of you I am not. I think the service is going to be a good addition for my photos!

 Making videos
I think I am the official worse video recorder in the Sunny Florida. I know I shouldn't talk down myself as such but it's pretty shameful. I am unsure if it's the camera, me or a little bit of both but something gotta give!

That is all folks. I am yawning my butt off on my end. 
The weekend is very soon. Have a good one!
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  1. Awesomesauce - I'm glad you're on instagram!

    I'm off to find you!

  2. ah, you know i love your photos. that is all i can say.

  3. Wow Nicole, you're so a talented photographer:)



  4. hope you enjoyed your weekend :) and good luck with project 52... I know I'd fall way too far behind... but maybe one day I'll join in and try, sounds like fun!

  5. I've had an Instagram account for months but have only posted about 6 photos, I just need to get in the habit, it's actually quite fun.

  6. I love the first picture! It's so good!