Feb 16, 2013

Bloopers aka Epic Fails

I notice lately I haven't posted any bloopers, so here yah go!

 2012 Christmas Card
I thought it would be a good idea last year to send out a homemade Christmas Card! First I took otoscope light and attempted to make tree-like branches (first attempt at light/light paint photography). Next I uploaded the image and begin to process it. I included the snowflakes and two presents and then I never finished it. The last thing I was suppose to do was stand on top of the presents placing an ornament on the tree. Next year maybe?

 I have no idea what I was thinking about this one....

Lighter Attempt
I have only lit a lighter 4 maybe 5 times in my life (except for those super long ones). My boyfriend insisted I need to learn 'in case of an emergency'. I am terrified of fireworks, lighters, fire, balloons, lightening, poppers, guns, knives and any anything else that may cause a loud, unexpected noise.  

Hope you all are having a great weekend!
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  1. In case of emergency it might be better to have some matches on hand, haha.

  2. i love your handmade christmas card!

  3. Your Christmas cards are so cute Nicole:)



  4. Best laid plans huh? I've found with Christmas cards I need to start earlier every year, there's just so much to do that season.