Feb 13, 2013

A Photo Dump

1st attempt at capturing leaves - messing around with the camera

Butterfly Flowers
Taken with Android
Taken with Android
Midnite (my little black beauty) does not like taking pictures at all. Cowbell (the cat seen above) is another story. I have a hand full of pictures of  my Midnite but none of which were easy to capture. Midnite stays next to me all day and stalks me (literally.. she is always staring at me) but once I pull out the good o' cam she runs away. Midnite got a little jealous the other day while I was outside with Cowbell. It's not that she's a spoil brat but in her world she thinks she's the only cat I mean only animal that should exist (besides all the lizards, birds and other bugs she likes to attack). I then took her outside... on a leash. My cat is very spoil, territorial and.... well...... crazy. She will go after any cat, dog, bird, even cars - she has no bounders whatsoever. She's a indoor cat so when she is let out of her 'cubbyhole' she enters a new world, I guess. She's  just a crazzzzy cat.

I've decided not to use Instragram.I don't what it offers, I don't like the stuff going around about them using user photos and I don't feel hip to the game for continuously updates - but that's just me. Instead I've decided to label what camera was used under photos. I also don't like that Chrome will not allow me to access blogger so I am force to use Firefox. Not cool at all, Google.

 I hope you all have a sweet V' day!
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  1. The flower pix are so wonderful Nicole, thank you for sharing:-)



  2. Oh Midnite... Your shots are lovely, Nicole! :-)

  3. I love the top white flower!
    My cat never liked photos much either. She'd always give dirty looks, so funny!

  4. I always love your photo dumps! Lovely!

  5. I'm still not sure about instagram (I also have a new phone ...)... And what's that about Chrome and Blogger??

    p.s.: Love your photos. As always.

  6. I follow a few friends on instagram but I don't use it myself. I think some people totally misuse it, but then again I guess the same can be said for blogs and any media outlet. Don't ever feel the need to cave to what others are doing, stay true to yourself as usual :)