Nov 27, 2012

Take Tuesday - Something Blue

You know who's been MIA? This gal right here. Nevertheless (phew!) a little TT series should really hit the spot so let's get to it.

The autumn evening skies have been perfect lately. When Shakti ask me to fill in spots for the little series I knew 'something blue' would be sweet. 

The holidays are coming up and Shakti and I both know a ton of photo's will be taken by you all pretty soon. If you're interested in linking up with us you can get ahead start by checking out the Take Tuesday theme list.

We would love love love love to see your shots so let's link up!

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  1. Oh goodness, gorgeous! My skies have been very gray today and my ground has been nice and foggy... but I'm crossing my fingers for blue the rest of this week!

  2. Wonderful sky pic, we have here rain in Switzerland.



  3. Hey Nicole!! How are you?
    I love that top picture especially, so pretty!

  4. wow, that is just lovely


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  6. Such a great link up! I'm going to have to try to remember to participate. Fall skies are always so crisp and clear. Just lovely. :)

  7. I have also been MIA from blogging.. I guess duties call.. Have a marvelous Tuesday!

    XX Hilary

  8. I've been MIA too!! Work, homemaking, and just needing time for me has taken OVER! hahaha, loooooove that photo! Glad to see your work again, love. xoxoxoxo

  9. Welcome back, life gets busy, it happens. It's about to get busier with the holidays upon us. Take Care.

  10. life has been crazy over here, too! i never tire of seeing skies and sunsets. yesterday i had to stop myself from trying to take a picture (while driving) of the sky...i just can't resist!

  11. those clouds are so lovely. If only they could be captured