Oct 11, 2012

Raccoons, branches & him

Yesterday I had a thing Raccoon's
How could you not resist those ridiculously cute faces? 
Even if that mask over their eyes disguises their true colors (rabies, etc)
They are just beyond adorable.

I got a thing for those abstract branches too. 
They are kinda' awesome. 
If you look close enough you can find animals and even objects. 

I also got a thing for this dude here, my love. ;)

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  1. Lol, I love the raccoons, we say here in Switzerland "Waschbär" (in english: Washing bear).

    Warm regards:)


  2. I think that raccoons are cute too...until they are hissing at you!

  3. i've never seen a racoon with my own eyes before. yes, i think they look cute

  4. Those raccoon's are super cute! I would too think that their cuteness might be hiding rabies though haha.

  5. That middle pic of the branches is absolutely stunning! Wild colors.

  6. Oh my gosh! Those raccoons are so cute!

  7. I'm not a huge fan of raccoons, but you've posted photos of some pretty cute ones! That last photo though, love how you caught the angle of his face :0)

    Glad to stop in again - hope you're doing well!

  8. We don't have Raccoons here in Australia! We saw one however, on our last trip to America, it was going through a garbage bin at our hotel and we never knew they were vicious wild animals lol I think they are so cute :)
    Love the last sunset pic!
    Hope you are well Nicole, have a fantastic week!!

  9. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOSH those raccoons are soo so cute!! i don't think i've ever seen a raccoon up close like that before or so many together! that is so adorable!!

  10. Oh my goodness, adorable! I have only seen a few raccoons but I always get so excited when I do! I saw a little family crossing the road once and the bebes were so adorable!

  11. This is cute. :) I've only seen Raccoons in ZOO.