Sep 9, 2012

What other's think

Do you ever wonder of what other's are thinking?
I don't mean of what other's think you. If I was to sit down tonight and listen to what other's among everyone I saw today I think I would be listening to 300+ different opinion's (there were a lot of people at the mall!)

I mean of just other's.. what they are thinking. To take a moment out of your life to simply step into their shoes, their mind.

Of what the bus driver was thinking about today after giving me a bad attitude after asking a simple question regarding to directions. Maybe he has a illness or someone in his family does, afraid of losing his job or something worse. 

Of what the girl thought while giving me a dirty look after walking out the fitting room and handing her a majority of clothing I didn't want to only go back onto the floor to pick more clothing to try on. Maybe she has a lot of work already to complete, maybe she was tried or maybe she is having other problems that she needs to sort out.

Of what the sweet Chinese man across the street thinks as he watches me from his yard. Whether it's taking pictures or gardening.. he just happen's to be there.. smiling and asking me how I'm doing and how's the fam.

Of what my brother was thinking of the other night.. through the pure silence on the phone.. after he called my mom crying and telling her she was his only real friend.

I wonder if he knew I was on the other line secretly listening and crying. I wonder if he knew that soon after I went in the shower and in corner crying for a good 5 minutes. 

Of what he is thinking of when he learn of what I said. 

Of what he is thinking of now. In that hospital.. unable to go home to his family for a minimal 3 month's, possibly a year. On that cold, probably uncomfortable bed.

If I could step out of my zone to hear of what other's are thinking, I would.
To understand them more and their situations.
To understand of who they were and where they are coming from.

Would you?
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  1. What a very thought provoking post. I'm constantly thinking of similar things. If I could understand or just know what bugs other people...

  2. I definitely would love to hear. And I hope that your brother is okay, sounds serious!

  3. I have wondered before. Sometimes I will watch someone at an airport, or at the grocery store and wonder their story; what drives them; if they're happy. It is the greatest mystery that we as humans have. Fantastic post, Nicole. Hugs and positive vibes going out your way and to your brother's. xoxo

  4. I do wonder but I don't think that I would want to know haha.

  5. Hey Nicole! I hope your brother is ok, you poor thing too, you hurt when someone you love is hurting. I adore this post, I often wonder myself and I like to give people the benefit of the doubt if they haven't been the nicest they could be. Everyone has a story, a battle, thoughts filling their heads. Not everything is as it seems...Have a happy week!! xo

  6. I love this post. The more I live the less judgmental I become. You never know what others are going through, usually though it involves trial and a somewhat broken heart. It is so important to spread joy because there is so much sadness in life, it's just the way it is.

  7. its that fly on the wall mentality there are days i would love it and days i would like to kill the fly.

  8. oh nicole... i needed to hear this today. of what other people could be going through that's why they do what they do. it reminds me about compassion. so that i could understand them better.

    i do hope things get better with your brother. it is so hard to see our loved ones hurting. so hard.

    much love <3