Sep 25, 2012

Take Tuesday - Hearts

The sweet (and talented) Shakti from Shakti Dove and I have decided to create a little photo link up for you ladies (and gents.. if your out there..) to show off some of your greatest shot's. It's a great way to test your photo skills and see other great photo's as well as connect to other bloggers!

This week's theme - Hearts (which I love!)

My photo choice's:

I look forward to seeing your photos so let's link up!
You can check out last week's post here.

If you are interested in co-hosting leave a comment or send me an email through my contact form.

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  1. what an amazing photos! they look so lovely!!!
    kisses dear!

  2. your photography is amazing

    love your blog

    please come visit me at my blog? I'm new and would appreciate some support :)


  3. Hi Nicole. Your heart shots are beautiful, especially the floating leaf. Gorgeous!

  4. nice photos, my favorite is the hear in the water!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  5. I love the leaf/petal shaped heart in the water, beautiful.

  6. Oh I want to do it but I need to find something with a heart...

  7. What a great theme! I love finding hearts in nature. I found a heart shaped rock one time and it made my day!

  8. Ben's the good photographer in our family. All my shots look like I handed a three year old the camera.

  9. Take TUESday, so clever!!! I love it! I wish I'd seen this sooner, I have a really cute heart idea I've been meaning to do for a while!

  10. that second one is AMAZING. I love hearts, like seriously, I can't stop wearing them on my clothes!

  11. Why is it you see hearts and are automatically happy.