Sep 13, 2012

A Battle

Many are going through a battle.
Memories are wish to be forgotten.
Thoughts are wish to lessen of.
Feelings are hard to escape from.

Don't hold on to it. 

Take that walk.
Ride that bike.
Cook that meal.
Think for yourself.

Love who you are.
Call that person.
Visit family members.
Sleep in, wake up early.

Respectfully make fun of yourself.
Respectfully make fun of others.
Don't waste your time in the past.
Don't focus too hard on the future.

Be different, stand out.
Depend on yourself.
Do good to others, but expect little to nothing in return.
Think of the one's you love as you would for them to think of you.

Laugh out loud.
Treat yourself as much as possible.
Walk a faster pace and slower when needed to.
Remember old friends.

Look through old photographs.
Read old letters.
Visit old places.

Be kind to others.
Keep judgments to yourself.
Express yourself thoroughly.
Listen when needed to.

Cry when needed to.
Weep when no one is around.
Let it all out.

Understand that it is okay.
Figure out your weakness's. 
Look beyond the glass.

This post isn't about being kind to others as we all know this. It's about helping yourself.

To help others figure out, maintain and possible escape from their own battle field. Once you are able to help yourself.. to live life and enjoy simple things and to figure out how to fight through the battle and to maintain... you help those around you, the ones you love, even strangers.

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  1. Gorgeous post, Nicole. Thank you! <3 xoxoxo

  2. Amen sista! We all have our own little battles. Helping others is so very important ... but we cannot forget to help ourselves as well, or we won't ever be able to help others!

  3. i love this.. you always have the most thoughtful and thought provoking posts :)

  4. Such good advice, all of it. I'll heed those words more so today.

  5. This is so beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  6. LOVE this Nicole, it's a really wonderful poem.

  7. i need to hear this.
    great picture as always!

  8. This is so awesome. I love pushes of inspiration.

  9. This is a fantastic post -- Thank you for sharing!

  10. "weep when no one is around. let it all out" I LOVE that.
    this is so inspiring. I think we all forget to help ourselves sometimes, this is a good reminder.

  11. love this, nicole. so true. that i need to help myself before i can truly help other people -- this is my philosophy, too. and i am really working on it. i hope all is well with you, dear. <3