Aug 19, 2012

Airport Pick Up

After 4 long hours of waiting, downing Starbucks coffee, making a fool of myself in public with my baby cousin, girl talk with my aunt and a $17 parking fee (can someone say ridiculous?!) -- it was all well worth it.

The man above in the yellow shirt is my cousin. He and my dad use to ride down a hill on a sled through my grandparent's corn field in Cuba 40 years ago (and I'm pretty certain each and every time my grandpa kicked their asses!). I have a lot of family and they are pretty much all over place so it was a real treat to meet him today. He is here to stay and best of all -- can speak English! 

My favorite pic is the second one (:

I love my family. And after a long walk through the neighborhood chatting away with my love, embracing the beauty around and simply living in the moment -- my heart feel's so full. 
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  2. Aw, we just picked my brother up from the airport so I know that feeling! =]

  3. Awwww this post is sooo sweet! Love the photos!

  4. How sweet Nicole! I'm so glad you got to meet with them! Family is so great.

  5. Hi Nicole, I like your family pix:-)



  6. You guys must be really happy to meet again! :D I feel so happy for you!

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  7. So happy you're living in the moment, that's always the best! hah love the captions you place in the photos!

  8. What wonderful photos! They make me think of Love Actually; No one is ever sad at the airport. So much love in this post, thanks for sharing!

  9. What wonderful photos and a fun time!

  10. How famtastic! I love that your family is reunited for good. Happy times. So glad for your dad. Big hugs!

  11. lovely shots, bet you had a great time w your fam! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  12. Nice outfit! Thank you for visiting my blog! following you now on GFC #139! Have a fashionable and beautiful week... lets stay connected!

  13. I've spent many hours either traveling or waiting in airports for family who are's so nice when they finally arrive!

  14. How amazing! We've both recently posted about airports :) what a beautiful family reunion Nicole :) xoxox