Aug 26, 2012

Moving forward.


There are no classes registered under my name til January. First break in a 1½. 
I look forward to having nothing useful scheduled for the next 3 months!

I welcomed about 10 new item's in my home and have another 5+ item's coming.
The unpacking is really, really annoying.

TS Issac has impressed me a bit. I like the pouring on and off rain on my wooden ceiling and the swirling sound from the wind that literally sounds as if it's running off and on my roof. It was somewhat relaxing as I was completing some unfinished task's.

A few anniversaries have passed and a few more are coming. I am really proud of how my heart has been managing through so far.

I'm a little stoke about a new project that I will be launching soon with a fellow sweet blogger.

This video is so so sweet!

Moving forward friends. Moving forward.
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  1. That is a long time to have no break! I'm glad you will have some time for yourself, to regroup, relax, etc.

    I hope you enjoy your break!!

  2. awww yay!!! i'm so happy to hear that you have a very well deserved break! time off is important to recharge your batteries :)!

  3. oh those breaks are soo wonderful!! when you start back you will be ready. have fun!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  4. awesome movie! and good luck with your break! It will go by fast, so enjoy!

  5. Hi Nicole, you deserve the break, all the best for you:-)



  6. Sometimes it's good to take a break and rejuvinate. I am sure you will spend your time wisely. Good luck with the new project.

  7. Break sounds great. I'm planning on having a little break from school stress and think about studies after Christmas, and instead just work :)

    Cute video!

    Indie by heart

  8. Enjoy your break lady, sometimes it's needed.

  9. Life is going on and that's great!!! Enjoy your break. Love the video!
    If you like it, follow my blog about life and fashion in LA on Bloglovin'. Let me know in the comments and I will follow back ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  10. I'm glad that you have a break, it sounds as if you need it. It's currently raining here and I'm looking forward to getting into bed and listening to it pour too. So relaxing.

  11. I'm glad you're taking some time for you. I can't wait to see what pictures you take!

  12. Can't wait to see the project you've been working on! Good luck with the rest of your unpacking :)

  13. Hope you can rest! Can't wait to see more creative projects from you!

  14. Have fun, enjoy it and if you can travel!
    Wish you the best of luck doll!

  15. Doesn't it feel good to just breath for a bit.

  16. Enjoy your time off! It is so good to have time to yourself every now and then :]

  17. I never took any breaks in college, but I think they can be a very good idea when they are needed! What's the rush in life? Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy your holiday weekend!!