Jun 4, 2012


If we knew each other in person and whenever spoken about school or what I refer to 'patients', you wouldn't understand. Here's a glimpse of what it feels like and what I experience just about everyday at school, studying and in office.

What I did when I realize I will spend 4-6 months in an Internal Medicine/Peds/OBGYN office..

First time I used a opthalmoscope & I acted like I understood everything but in reality I...

What I often remind the shitty medical students..
Can't Handle This

When the doctor says you can leave early for the day I'm usual like..
be cool

When I spend all day on Facebook or taking pictures I'm like..

Every time I see a standardized patient I'm like..

In the morning with my patient's I'm like..
then by the end of the day..

When a ped patient coughs on me..

When I wake up late for an exam or to the office..

When someone sits down and wants to really chat about school, etc sometimes I'm like..

When I realize I am a idiot for what I have gotten myself into I'm like..

After 7 hours of studying and finally falling alseep I'm like

When it become's obvious that the patient is seeking an opiate prescription and after reasoning with the patient who is to damn ingroant I'm like

When I study symptoms that sound just. like. me

How I act after staying awake for 24+ hours.

As I leave the room after realizing I failed the entire physical exam on the patient I am like..

When I am ask to type up an entire history report I'm like..

When a patient is hitting on me I just want to..

When I haven't seen sunshine for the entire day and I pass by a window..

When my parent's call to check in I'm like..
but in reality I'm like
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  1. Haha those gifs are so funny!! ^_^

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  2. HA!! I love all of these - too perfect.

  3. Hi Nicole, I like your Gifs with the cats:-)


  4. awww... cool gifs... so funny! haha!

    Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

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  5. oh my gosh you are hilarious. this post had to be time consuming to find just the right gifs! i love it!

  6. That's hilarious ... all of it! I recognize many comments and faces from my own schooling!

  7. This was so funny to read...thanks for making me laugh girl!

    xo erica

  8. Haha so funny! You are great!

  9. Girl, you have mad GIF skills. I love how you formed an entire story out of them! Very creative.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. This post is hilarious- as the supportive wife who helped keep my husband alive from MCAT through to now where he is practicing I can say it gets easier! I'm going to share this post with him- I'm sure he will appreciate it.

  11. O.M.G.!!! I work in the ER and plan to apply to PA school in the fall and I COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOF all of that. I literally bursted out laughing quite a few times!

  12. The gif of the dog wrapping itself in a blanket is my all-time favorite!

  13. O my gosh, this cracked me up! I love that one with Ron Swanson, he is hilarious.

  14. hahaha this was all kinds of awesome! I love reaction gifs!

    daydream frenzy

  15. oh my gosh this is soo hilarious i love this post!!

  16. nicole! these are AWESOME, ahahahahahahahahahaha clever girl you!

  17. I laughed so hard I spewed water out of my nose.

  18. haha, thanks for the laugh, hope you have a good week!
    Chic on the Cheap

  19. I literally laughed out loud at your caption paired with the Bert gif. Bahahahaha.