Jun 12, 2012

Little Notes

Dear tension headache,
You really really sux.

Dear Matt,
Sorry for blowing up at you today. I'm not trying to make up excuses.. but I am having my monthly present. So bare with me.. just a bit. 

Dear new design,
I like you. 

Dear cousins first time vacationing in FL,
If you can't stand the heat then beat! :p

Dear R. Kelly (baby cousins gold fish),
I'm sorry for over dosing you with food yesterday morning. 

Dear future,
You fear me a lot.. but that is why I have plan B, C, and D just in case!!

For all of you college-goers out there -- this one is for you!
I came across an awesome online book rental store called

A few of their great perks are:
Flexible renting periods
Free shipping both ways
Save 40-90% off of book prices
Can highlight in books [count me in!]
Buy back books
Huge selection to choose from
Monthly giveaways, scholarships & much more.

Their site is pretty awesome and best of all a portion of the proceeds from every rental is donated to Operation Smile.

Hope you all are having a good week!
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  1. Haha cute post!! Have a great week Nicole :)

  2. Such a sweet post :)


  3. Dear new design, I really like you too, sincerely t.

  4. You and me both girlfriend... there are days I hate being a woman. Hope you feel better!

  5. I am seriously loving when you do these little notes! I'm a huge fan of Campus Book Rentals (and save so much money)! I've also overfed a couple of fish in my life, and killed one accidentally too (that's another story)!

    Hope you have a good week, and that your monthly present leaves soon!

  6. Hope your headache goes away.
    And... love plans b, c, and d!

  7. how sweet is this (:
    but good luck with the monthly present ): know how you feel...


    ps. Join my giveaway and win the most beautiful sapphire necklace!

  8. i love that your cousin's fish is names r. kelly! i hope the headache goes away soon!

  9. I've a tension headache....ughhhh

  10. Cute post!
    Haha love how you called it the 'monthly present'