Jun 27, 2012

I'm Weird..

So a while back Krysten from Why Girls Are Weird chosen me to be a part of her I'm Weird link up. Well friends, here are a few weird things about me....

[Krysten - sorry I didn't get to this sooner!]

I hate feet. They are soo disgusting. 

I don't have a problem eating french fries, clams and oysters everyday for the rest of my life. Oh, and bacon bits.

Boiled snails are good, by the way.

I am not perfect but I notice ever little punctuation error. I like punctuation....

I really don't like taking pictures of myself. (Is she serious?!)

I prefer to take pictures outside so people can look at me like I'm crazy. 

I stick my tongue out at people who stare at me, and sometimes I laugh at them. 

I can hold off a good convo with every animal. I think that is why every cat, dog and squirrels love me.

I am an extreme introvert. But get me talking about something interesting or knowledgeable and I'll never stop. I tend to only talk when it is meaningful. 

Mushrooms are sooo good. No, not the drug. 

I have no tattoo's nor do I plan on getting one. Water markers anyone?

I like %'s a lot. I like thoroughly explanations...

I like to listen to Matt's heart and to him breathe while he sleeps. 

I am terrified of fire and have only lite a lighter 4 times in my life. And yes, all 4 times were within the last year..

I hate lightning, balloons, knifes, guns and ANY sort of loud, unexpected noise.

I am really afraid of the ocean. There are to many animals living in it. However I love to go swimming in the bay and jumping off my dad's boat in 800 feet of shark infested waters roughly 2-3 miles off the coast.

[Circa May 2011 - 200 miles away from my home]

**Oh, and thank you all for your sweet comments from last post
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  1. Ok, this is all kinds of awesome. I find myself liking you a lot more every time I read your blog posts. :p

  2. Feet are gross. But I LOVE getting pedicures or feet massages.

    Are you an INFJ? (Myers Briggs type)

    Loved reading this :)

  3. I'm pretty sure this just made me like you even more! You and your weirdness are awesome.

  4. haha. I am sooo glad you added bacon bits in there.
    my fav!

  5. Haha, your last one! That's great.
    And I hate feet, too!! They're so gross!!

  6. cool weirdo. lol


  7. Lol, I like the post:-)



  8. feet are TOTES disgusting!! and i love snails too especially smothered in butter and garlic.. with a really crusty crunchy baguette on the side!! hehe

  9. i love these facts about you. i don't think they make you weird, i think they make you interesting!

  10. Shark water??? Ohmigosh. I would be terrified.

  11. I HATE FEET TOO!!! Although I LOVE fashionable shoes...and getting Pedi's...I can't stand it when someone puts their feet on me, and I will NOT touch anyone's feet! EEWE!

  12. haha, funny post... yeah, you're weird... but everybody does! haha

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  13. haha fun post...I hate balloons when they pop.

    xo erica

  14. Thats a witty post dear, lol. I hate taking picture of myself too! So I normally do not look to the camera. Love your second and third photos. The colors are beautiful


  15. the 3rd picture is beautiful!

  16. Hate feet. Bad grammar. And I hate being unattractive! And taking pics of myself.

  17. Thanks for sharing some fun quirks about ya! I love having convos with animals too, haha, and I am afraid of going in the ocean.

  18. I HATE feet and I rub Ben's for 30 minutes every night. That's Love, baby.

  19. I really love such posts like this. very interesting! and I love the pictures <3

  20. Loved the post, so cool!!


  21. Not a fan of tattoos either. I think most people end up regretting them, I am a lot older than you so people my age who have them now wish they didn't.

    I have the best conversations with my dog :) I know he understands.

  22. I stick my tongue out at people too! It's so funny. PS. I'll take your word for it on the boiled snails...My family made me eat them when I was younger, but escargot was not my cup of tea!

  23. You are not so weird as I can relate to all of this, or maybe we are both weird haha

  24. You jump into shark infested waters?? No way!!
    Thanks for sharing some facts about you, it's always good to get to know others!

  25. Hmm, yeah feet are kind of weird. I can have good conversations with cats too.

  26. this is a great post... I think that we are all a bit weird!
    I've just started following you on GFC!
    Like to follow back?? It would be great, we can stay in contact!

  27. I'm not a fan of feet either, they kind of gross me out too!!

  28. This was such a neat post! I should do it too, if I got time.. I still haven't been able to sit down and post some awards etc.. :D Oooh well.

    Thank you for all the comments! I've been having major technical difficulties but good thing your blog has a pop up comment box, so I could write back.. For some reason only the pop up version works on my mini laptop, weird!

    x Satu

  29. Feet are gross and mushrooms are delicious! I definitely prefer saying meaningful things to just talking. So keep it up!