May 21, 2012

Little Notes

                              [2007]                                               [2011]

Dear Midnite, 
You turn 5 years old recently. Honestly, you are the best cat in the world. Like no other. You will never be replaced with another cat ever. I understand the jealously that Matt has towards friendship. 

Dear Kidney Infection,
I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, you aren't that bad. Did I just jinx's you? 

Dear Grandma,
Please get better. No surgery and don't go blind on me. Please please please please please............

Dear Math work,
You totally sux. I will get back to you later.

Dear Aubrey,
I received my prize today!! It's too cute! Much more cuter in person. It suites me well since I do 'shoot' people. 
Coffee Sleeve: I shoot people
Visit her shop here - her stuff is adorable!

Dear Facebook,
I don't agree with a lot of the crap you allow on your site but this here is funny.

Dear Myspace,
I logged on to my account the other night and man.. the memories.. 

Dear lady at my OBGYN office,
It don't take 7+ minutes to figure out if you accept my insurance. And next time don't leave me on hold for 3 minutes then come back every 30 seconds stating "I am still looking" with a damn attitude. You are lucky this wasn't in person. I would have smacked your ass back straight.

Dear camera & photoshop,
You both look so lonely.. I'm sorry :(

Dear crazy dreams,
QUIT freaking freaking me out!! I wasn't sure if Matt and I were going on vacation this morning! I was debating whether or not I was suppose to be gone or not by 8am.. Ughh. It's just to damn much for a gal.
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  1. Aww happy birthday to Midnight! Hope everything goes well for your grandma.

    xo erica

  2. As if I don't love that cup holder. I need to get some brain activity to be that creative. Hope your grandma is ok!

  3. I logged onto my Myspace recently too. It's crazy!

  4. Uhhhhh math homework is my enemy!

  5. Haha, I've had some CRAZY dreams lately too. I think I woke up asking my husband when our train was leaving. He was like "what?!"

    Hope you feel better soon! Kidney infections are the worst!

  6. LOL at your dear myspace note, I remember those days! I deleted mine last year though haha :)

    And that is the cuuutest cat ever! I love black cats hehe.

    daydream frenzy

  7. I have not a Myspace or Facebook account - I like the black cat:-)


  8. Yay, more letters! Sorry about the kidney infection! Those are the worst! I used to have kidney infections like once a month as a little girl. I grew out of that, but I still get them a little too often. I don't even drink anything but water now, just have stupid kidneys I guess.
    And I know what you mean about the dreams! I always do that! I'll wake up and think okay, wait a minute, what day is it?

  9. ha ha ha at the quote!! and I agree with the doctor's office insurance thing..Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  10. I'm so sorry about your grandma. And don't get me started on OBGYNs...I could curl your hair with my stories.

  11. I don't think I could ever love another animal like I do my puppy!

  12. Awww, that prize is cute!!
    And MySpace!! Oh, man. Those were the days.
    the facebook meme is hilarious!!

  13. That cup holder is awesome, and even cooler that you won it!

  14. i have been having some crazy dreams lately too! I hate it!

  15. Your kitty is adorable! Happy Birthday to the little one. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. I hope that your grandma gets better
    :( I've been having crazy dreams too! Nothing scary, though, thankfully.

  17. I love your letters and hope that your grandma gets better and you find some time to relax!

  18. I'm thinking and praying for your grandma. So sorry to hear she's not doing well!

  19. I love that prize you got! so freakin' cute :)

  20. happy birthday to your kitty!
    Hope you get better soon!

  21. Oh I hope your Gma feels better soon, and that it's nothing too serious. And happy bday to kitty!!! Oh and I hope you are feeling better :/

  22. oh my gosh that "i shoot people" thing is hilarious i love that, i might have to start using that hahaaa that is soo funny!

  23. I just love your kitty - I have one that's all black too!

  24. I'm with you on the crazy dreams. They just need to STOP!!! already! Aubrey's etsy shop has such gorgeous things!