May 17, 2012

Little Notes

Dear Eye Doctor,
Thanks for being extremely patient with me today. All of those bright lights and pressure point tests bother me mucho!

Dear Eye prescription,
As you may know already, I need transitions lenses and I am considering frame-less frames. Please don't give me a burden financially with this. 

Dear UVA/UBV rays,
You sux. But I love my transitions. 

Dear Nicole,
Calm down. Quit being such a gunner. You still got a 99.35% in the class. You are still 25% higher than you class. At least you are a very nice gunner. You still help out other students a lot, teachers and others. I just half to succeed at everything and be number 1, not 2. 

Dear Matthew,
You are seriously the most cutest thing ever. I am still smiling & laughing (inside & out) at how you were fighting to stay asleep last night to talk to me. So. Freaking. Cute.

Dear Home Town Buffet,
I'm still full. Thanks! But the County Fried Steak White Gravy was literally tasteless milk. Come on now - you know better than that.  

Dear Scooter,
With a max. speed of 80, 5 gallon tank, 100+ miles to a gallon and not a cent has been invested in yet all I can say is - were going places. Stay tight. Still need to get a tag. Collect some dust while you wait so I wipe it off.

Dear Bed & TV,
You are calling me. I can hear you. I will be there soon..

Winner of the Switch Plate Giveaway is Anica.
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  1. That buffet sounds delicious, except maybe not the gravy lol
    Good on you for being so driven and smart!!

  2. Hi Nicole, I have a M.D. at home;-)

    Warm regards


  3. Oh, man. I totally want a scooter, I just need to live somewhere that it's not winter 3/4 of the year!!

  4. i love this!! i really want to try home town buffet! we didn't have one in SF but the hubs went to school out in nebraska and he said it's super YUMS!!!

  5. i love this post! i hope you can get your glasses without spending too much! (do you ever use groupon/living social? they have a lot of eyeglasses least in minneapolis.) happy friday!

  6. haha that's what I say to my bed and TV every night too :D

  7. Little secret? I LOVE buffets. I like variety, so they are right up my alley ;)

  8. Ha ha I always love these little notes so much! Yes, at least you are a NICE gunner! But don't let yourself stres out over it! =]

  9. You crack me up with these! Good luck with those new prescriptions. And thank goodness for patient doctors!

  10. i have transition glasses on right now!

  11. Those are just the cutest little notes I've ever read! :)

  12. These little notes is delightful! Ahahahah its sweet, funny and witty, I love it

  13. oh gosh, i'm with you on the last one! and it's only 1:30 in the afternoon!
    xo TJ

  14. DUDE! Are you beating yourself up for a %99?? I'll kill you, you should be giving yourself a pat on the back! Also yeah let's all just forget about friday and take a nice long nap!! =) Shower naps all around?

  15. You go are amazing :)

    Hope your eyes are ok and feeling better!

    Happy happy weekend, Nicole oxox

  16. My bed and TV are always calling to me. And my sweatpants. :)

  17. Do you know I busted my butt for 4 1/2 years...seriously...and was number 2 at graduation. It wasn't okay then. It's okay now. Give yourself a break. :o)

  18. you are too funny! and kidney infection?! noooo. you deserve that bed and tv.