Apr 30, 2012

Little Notes

Dear Education, 
You are not financially smart. You are very overpriced.

Dear Dr.F, 
Thanks for returning my email but may I ask why in the word you couldn't spell nearly 40% of what was said? Maybe I am tad bit of over-exaggerating but you misspelled ask, out, manager, understand as well as surgical center and hospital! Am I the only one seeing this?? Dude.. I knew these words by the 3rd grade!

Dear Auntie Anne's,
Thanks for 6-8 free coupons! I really appreciate trying out new pretzels every time I visit. 

Dear new design, layout, etc,
I like you. A lot. Simple. I really like that font.

Dear Matt,
Sorry you got stuck in the rain last night boo. Wish I was there with you. 

Dear Coral Gables,
Why must you be so far YET so close? Seriously? Can I have my valuable time afford being wasted by driving this far????

Dear School,
I am sooo bored. I miss you. I can't wait to start again in another week.

Dear week-in-a-half from now,
I don't like you already.

Dear Brother,
You would a real idiot if you are going to pay $100+ for those darn photographs. I would not be surprise if the photos look like crap.

Dear French's Cheddar Onion,
You have been so good to me. 

Dear Dad,
Thanks for leaving the water on. [Summer 2011]

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  1. cute cute last note:)

    I guess I didn't realize you were in school?
    That's so awesome;)

  2. Education is so not financially smart. Ha ha. I like how you worded that.

  3. Ohhh what photos did broseph want?!
    Your layout is definitely super cute - I like it :)
    Education is TOTALLY overpriced. UGH. So not cool.
    Hi from Central FL :) Yay I'm following you now so we can be FL bloggy friends ;)

  4. Hi, Nicole Marie.
    Thank you for stopping by and showing some love. I love your cute blog. :)

  5. Love that last note and what you did with the picture :)

  6. agree with school being not financially smart haha :)

  7. That's an amazing picture that last one!

  8. mmmmm, free auntie anne's i'm so jealous! :)

  9. Oh my gosh, words cannot describe how jealous I am of all those auntie anne's coupons. I could seriously live on those pretzels. Until I died of a pretzel-induced heart attack, anyway.

  10. I really like the creative writingvofvthis post! ( and I totes agree with the school part!) xxxxx www.haemeandrobecca.blogspot. Com

  11. Education IS overpriced! I like your layout :)

  12. Mmmm, Auntie Anne's! I haven't had those in so long but I used to LOVE them!

  13. I love your school comment. I can't wait til it gets over...then I can't wait to go back! :)

  14. Those pretzels totally call to me when I am at the mall. The smell permeates throughout and you just can't help buying one.

  15. so jealous of your free auntie annes :) and agree with the education note!

  16. :) Love this post! ...and now I'm craving Auntie Anne's!!! :)

  17. Haha this was cute. I hope that isn't your Doctor miss spelling things. I would consider going elsewhere. I am now craving auntie anne's as well!!!

  18. Enjoy some time off school, cute notes and love the pics. xo

  19. That education bit? Yeah. Totally feel ya. 'Cuz now, I am a highly educated housewife paying $200 a month for the next 20 years. Booyah. I think. ;)

  20. oh man, free antie anne's pretzels would rock my world. That smell kills me dead every time I walk past their store.

  21. Hey! Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Mmmm free pretzels..lucky girl! And a doctor who can't spell? What the..? Love that last pic :o)

  22. Amen to education being overpriced. I'm looking at college (as you know) and it's just ridiculous.

    Thank you for your kind words, they mean so much.


  23. Totally agree about education, SO overpriced!

  24. This made me miss being in school. I need to start learning again.

    Ooooh Auntie Anne's! You lucky girl, you! I no longer live near one so I have to hope that whatever airport I'm traveling through when I'm on vacation has one. Those cinnamon sugar pretzels could turn me into an addict!

  25. Love this post!! And i am glad that you like school that you cant wait to start again! Good luck:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    NY Style Examiner

  26. cute post, I love your letter to education. That's exactly how I feel.

    xo erica

  27. This is a super cute idea! I love the way you did this.

    P.S. Auntie Anne's pretzels RULE.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  28. OMG. So funny about your dad. Haha.

  29. I read somewhere that education is the only cost that has increased by 1000% in the US over the past 30 years. And fewer graduates are getting jobs. And I'm in grad school. So I'm feeling good.

  30. a love your little notes if the week

  31. how super suh-weet!
    i love the idea for little notes!!!
    totally copying this idea from you hehe.

  32. haha cute notes!! there's really no reason to misspell something these days since spell check is everywhere and no one hand writes anything anymore!

  33. coral gables sounds great, you should just make yourself go!
    Chic on the Cheap