Apr 17, 2012

Little notes

[Taken last Thursday while walking home 4/12/12] 

Dear Matt, 
Love the logical anger last night. It is soo reasonably attractive. It is obvious that your new video games are keeping you well occupied. I'm still laughing at the Kumbaya rap and beat we had going on last night for a good minute. I enjoyed massaging your back yesterday with my toes [see image below]. 

Dear Midnite,
I still love you although lately I have gave your much-older-and-mature-soon-to-be-boyfriend more attention. Forgive me for not letting you outside although you begged me. Let's watch a movie to make this up. I understand you have a short little life but come on - the same grass that you sniffed yesterday is there today and tomorrow.. and the next day.. as well as a week from now. 

Dear food I made and ate a little bit ago,
You were so good but I ruined it. I shouldn't have added the sausage. I should have just stuck with the square shaped hash browns, bacon and cheese. Damnnn it! [see image below]

Dear contest I was kick out of,
That's okay. Although I still do not understand why in the world my photo which has everything to deal with beaches/lake was taken down but this photo entry here is winning!

Dear JC Penny.com,
Thank you for taking forever with my order. I highly appreciate it. 

Dear finals,
I hate you both. You are so useless. But when I do take you.. when I am already.. I will pass and no longer will kiss your ass. 

Dear Spring,
You are nice and all but I don't appreciate the flies flying in my face constantly in the evening and the itchy bites all over my legs.

Dear dry laundry,
I should have took you out hours ago. I need to do this soon.  

Dear head,
Thanks for constantly causing me to feel faint and giving me the urge to check my blood pressure.

Dear teacher with the ridiculous grading system,
Thanks for causing me to have a mini heart attack every week with the frequent changing of grades. I truly really hate it!

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  1. What a great post. I forgot to tell you I loved the skirt and the whole outfit!

  2. I HATE when I ruin a perfectly good recipe by throwing in a little somethin' extra :(
    Good luck with your finals!

  3. Oh I always love these kinds of little letters!

  4. thanks for stopping by Three Peas In My Little Pod! your blog is cute, i'm your newest follower(follow back if you'd like!). i love the flower picture, and don't you HATE when you add an ingredient to a meal and totally wish you didnt? ugh, the worst. stop by again soon.

    xo, linds

  5. Love your hair in skirt in the last post. Dinner sounds amazing, we are detoxing this week, no cheese bacon or potatoes around here. Im ready for next week already!

  6. cute notes and cute new design nicole, loving it!

    sorry your photo isn't winning, and seriously why is that one winning? LOL

    (i cracked up when you said you shouldn't have added the sausage, to dear dinner ) LOL

  7. Oh those finals ... those ever lovin' finals! I hope all goes well with yours and your grades get situated!

  8. Hi Nicole, I like your Spring words:-)

    Warm regards


  9. love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses


  10. Popped in from Krysten's! I know the pain of ruining a meal too well!

  11. It still looks and sounds like you can cook way better than me LOL

  12. little ones are so cute! and good luck with finals!


  13. Thins cracked me up. I need to write missives

  14. You can use your hands or toes or whatever but I love a massage, there is truly nothing better. Glad school is coming to an end for you, so stressful!

  15. I never take the dry laundry out when I should-
    Bummer about the contest.
    Nice to find your blog

  16. The only reason my laundry makes it out of the dryer is because I'm folding clothes in between weight sets;p

  17. Lovely photos!

    Good luck on your finals!

  18. lovely little photos! so sorry to hear that your photo was taken out of the contest! hope your head feels better!!
    xo TJ