Apr 19, 2012

Kate @ Daffodils - Guest Post

Today I have for you Kate from Daffodils. We decided to do a swap regarding to why we love photography. You may read why I love photography over at her blog. Enjoy!

Hi Nicole Marie readers! My name is Kate and I am so happy to be here today. Most days, you can find me over at Daffodils blogging about my life in California with my two little boys and handsome husband. I started my blog two years ago as a place to keep my daily inspirations, but it has evolved over time to mostly showcasing my sweet little guys and our exploration of life in CA. In the past year, I have gotten very into photography and even started a website where you lovely people can buy prints of some of my photos.

Since Nicole and I both share a love for the camera, I thought I would tell you a little bit about why I enjoy taking pictures so much. It is a little ironic that I have gotten into photography because when my hubby and I were decorating our first house together, I only want painted artwork, specifically impressionist work. That cannot be further from the preciseness of a photograph, right? As time went on and I embraced some of the photos that Kev previously owned, I began to appreciate the art much more.

I started seeing the world through my lens and noticing little moments that I would have previously missed, or not seen as beautiful.

 I now see the art of photography, capturing a distinct line between the ocean and the sky, while focusing on the beauty of an unbloomed flower.

 I'm now not only able to see the amazing contrast between light and dark, but more importantly, I can document so many moments of my childrens' ever growing curiosity. 

Best of all, it is something I am able to share with all of you, both on my blog and through my professional website.

And since I am so honored that Nicole asked me to stop by today, I am extending a coupon to y'all if you are interested in purchasing any of my prints. Simply visit Daffodil's Photography and upon checkout, enter 'nicole' in the coupon code box for 20% off your product order.

Thanks for having me!

& the winner of the of the pretty pearl earrings that was over here is..

You may all visit her here
Love her attitude. 

Krysten, email me at nicoleerlandson@gmail.com with subject lined title 'Winner'. Congrats!
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  1. I love her pictures. I make sure to pop by her blog whenever I get a chance!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Lovely guest post!
    Yeah i did photography in high school but have only really gotten into it since geting a quality camera in the last two years. I know what you mean about starting to look at everything through a lens! hah xx


  3. congratulations to krysten! And Kate your photographs are stunning!

  4. Great guest post, I like the pix:-)


  5. Very nice photos <3<3<3

    Hope you'll visit me :)
    Lots of kisses, Elly ♥

  6. And you have such handsome little men to photograph, who could blame your love of photography?

  7. Beautiful photos, especially love the last one :)

  8. Oh my gosh, I am SO excited that I won! Emailing now!

  9. Hi Nicole, :) I found your blog from Kate, and I'm glad to read her post here, she's also gifted like you!:) Thanks to both of you..:)

    BTW, thanks too Nicole for stopping by with my blog!:) Have a wonderful day!:)

  10. great photos!

    please check out also my blog.


    xx ketty xx

  11. Beautiful photography! My sister enjoys photography too :)
    Congratulations to Krysten, she's SO sweet.