Mar 10, 2012

This & that

This is cute.
That is interesting.
This is something I look forward to.
This is who I love. [taken 2010]
This is what I had for lunch.
That is a cute face. [taken 2008]
This is funny
This is awesome.
This taste's soo good.
This seem's cozy.
This is what I want to make from scratch. 
That is defiantly a weakness of mine. 
This is what I don't like. 
That look's good.
This must feel great.
That is where I must go one day.
That is funny
This is totally awesome
This is such a scam
This is even more funny
This is something I love to do.
This is really pretty.
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  1. I've been interested in those lasagna cupcakes for a while now but the only GF lasagna noodles I like are the kind you just bake... and they disintegrate when boiled. I know, I tried. =[

  2. cute post! and it's around 60 here almost 70 and it's perfect weather sadly our winters are 30 degrees or lower!

  3. what a great post girl! and that fork picture is definitely very interesting....
    xo TJ

  4. I love your photography - I know I say it all the time, but it's fabulous!

  5. Ha ha, love the turtle and rabbit! And I have always wanted a pond in my backyard... someday! :)