Mar 6, 2012

I failed the midterm that I mention before here
I got a D. 19 points out of 30. 
My class average right now is an D. Sheesh
My teacher has pride and hope in me though, according to her.....
Because she knows I am trying.
I've aced everything else in the class. 
The discussions, the first few quizzes and my participation is outstanding. 
I help out other students and communicate with her a lot [although it's all online].
I will bring it up to at least a B. I can't accept a C.  
Ughhhh. Critically thinking is hard. I just don't get it. None of it makes any sense. 

Meanwhile, I took some shots of myself this morning.
To clear a few things off my mind. 
Such things as the fact that I need $500 by the first week of February
and how my boyfriends parents frustrated me
and how it makes me mad that for the second year in row I probably won't be going to county youth fair
and how am I going to cope with spending 6-8 months in an neonatal intensive care unit watching and helping little babies fight to save their little lives... or.. die.... and watching their families be afraid and cry 
and how I am going to complete 5 classes this summer in 6-12 weeks [average term is 18-20 but summer terms are shorter]
and the course I am currently doing bad in and how I need to do better. 

That is all I've been thinking about. All day. From sun up, to sun down and even in my sleep. At some point here and there I walk away from it and I go elsewhere. But then I am back to it all again. and again. and again. and once more. then again. and so on. Of course I think of other things and of people but you get it. 

I need to get back to it all, again. Have a good week everyone.
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  1. It's lovely for you that you can wear summery stuff. Spring hasn't hit us yet but it's coming.
    After this snowfall,I'm sure of it;)

  2. Nice look girl.

    Awhhh too baf to hear about that grade, I hope all the best !

    Thanks for stopping by. :>

    - Indie by Heart

  3. great photos and hopefully things get better just keep trying!

  4. Looking beautiful! Definitely have a ton of things on your mind. I hope everything is okay
    *Gives big virtual hug!*

    And I tagged you in my last post, go check it out! ;)

  5. Oh, wow. Quite a lot to think about! Critical thinking IS very hard, especially because I find it to have a lot of subjectivity. I'm sure you'll kick butt, though! I have faith =) xoxo

  6. I got my first (and hopefully only) C in a class two quarters ago. Made me so mad at myself. It was a HARD class but I hate that it hurt my GPA.

    I hope you can pull up that grade!

  7. Wow alot of stress. Just do the best you can.I am thinking of you.xo

  8. aw, so sorry for your midterm results. those things are never uplifting to find out. but on a lighter note, you look absolutely stunning in these above images. love the green backdrop!!
    xo TJ

  9. beautiful shots :) loving your top (or is it a dress?) in any case LOVE IT!

    so sorry to hear that things have been frustrating. they will get better. like grandma always said "only way to go is up now"

    you WILL do better on your midterm next time and awesome job on acing everything else :)

    happy wednesday girly.

  10. You sure have a lot on your mind, I hope you can find some time for you and just pamper yourself. Those photos are beautiful Nicole, the greenery is soo lush!

  11. You're so beautiful - I always adore your photos. Take care of yourself! Pamper that beauty ;D

  12. The mind is 'funny' like that, isn't it? It just keeps going around and around, never getting you anywhere good! Wishing you a quiet evening. :)

  13. Hi Nicole, all the best for you:-) - The pix are wonderful!