Feb 1, 2012

When life gives you lemons,

make lemonade.
Yum. I love lemonade. 
But my heart desires pink lemonade 
and those warm kisses below.

I did not post a tutorial this week.
I know that it is okay and that I still can post one but my intentions were to do it every Monday. 
Oh well, I guess. 
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  1. great pics!!! sweet kiss huh? love it!!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

    1. I will check yours out when I get a chance :)

  2. Adorable ! ^^ So cute.

    I'm waiting for my bf to come home, I hope I get a huge kiss like that too <3

    Thanks for your comment!
    Have a great day,

    - Indie by Heart

  3. aw, yay! i just adore lemonade, especially pink lemonade for this beautiful holiday that is coming up. yay for kisses too :)
    xo TJ

  4. Love the kissing shot! Too cute.

  5. How sweet!! And there is always this coming Monday! Enjoy your weekend!! Oh, and I wasn't sure if you entered the giveaway on my blog or not - let me know so I can count you in (or out) when I choose tomorrow!

  6. I keep seeing your name pop up on some of my favorite blogs and decided to head on over and check you out! :) I tried to set up a weekly schedule with my blogging and failed miserably! Life just kept getting in the way. ;) I wish you more success than I had and look forward to reading more about you. :)

  7. cute photos!


  8. Your heart likes pink lemonade, cute!!! I like your new layout!!!

  9. Cute pictures! :)

    Maybe you wanna check out my blog? It's new and the concept is simple: I show one gorgeous shoe a day. Who doesn't want to get their daily fix of shoes? ;)