Feb 8, 2012

Random funny moments..

I love random funny moments. 
Below I shared some of mine. 
I encourage you to share some of yours.

The time when I was in my backyard taking pictures of myself looking like I'm about ready to sit on a toilet for a photo manipulation. Some guy drove through the alley way and I caught his facial expression in my photo. It was priceless.

The moment when I found myself 15 years old on a family vacation focusing my attention on killing a crab who snap at me. I then literally spent the next 2-3 days chasing this thing in and out of water all around the hotel. 

The moment when my boyfriend said to his friend's mom about her boyfriend "Leave him!!!!! He has a small dick aaaannnnnyyyywwwwwwwaaaaayyyysssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I swear we all were on the floor laughing.

The moment when my 4 year old niece (3 at the time) was sitting on my lap and turn to me to say "I'm going to have big bobbies like you Ant Nicole!!

The other day when my dad was searching for a red cherry in his drink for about 2 minutes until realizing there was no cherry it was just the reflection off of his red shirt. 

The time when my boyfriend stop random people to tell them that orange rhymes with porridge.

The moment when I realize I was wearing 2 different pair of flip flops to school. Both were brown but one had design while the other one didn't.

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  1. Love this! I've been saying "orange" and "porridge" to myself too many times since reading this to determine whether they rhyme or not!

  2. Haha! The flip flop thing. That's classic. Love your blog girl. Newest reader!

  3. Too cute! I went to work once with a pair of my undies that I guess got stuck up in the leg of my jeans after I did laundry. They fell out on the office floor. The manager found them and held them up in front of the whole office and asked who's they were. Of course I did not step forward to claim them but I think the red in my face gave me away.

  4. ha, oh gosh, i've definitely had moments where i wear two different shoes. but at least yours were the same color.
    xo TJ

  5. haha i love the one with your dad and the cherry. thats priceless!

  6. LOL at the story about your dad searching for the cherry in the drink! That sounds like a cat playing with a laser! :P

    Just dropping by from #FF.

  7. I am dying laughing over here about the "small d*ck!" I laughed so hard I started coughing :D

  8. Haha, so funny. Now I want to compile my own list. Life is always full of funny everyday things.

  9. Hello Nicole!!! LMAO This was awesome! Found you on Casey Wiegand's blog and thought I'd post one of my favorite random moments:

    The time my sweet, kindhearted mother tried to slash my boyfriend's tires because he was verbally abusive to me. LOL I kept my mom and got rid of the boyfriend!