Feb 4, 2012

Dear self,

It is good you are not the jealous type but stop getting mad when someone else is better than you at something. They have flaws just like you. Perhaps you can teach each other a thing or two.

When Matt doesn't call back, pays less attention or forgets it's not that he doesn't love you or care. He is yours and you are his. So stop that. Stop the sadden heart. You are on his mind. There is no need for you to feel sad or left out.

Quit being so self-conscious & worried about public humiliation. Breathe easier and don't worry if everyone who walks by you looks at you like you are weird, a freak or have a big sign on your forehead. That is not their intentions and a lot of them are wondering what you are thinking too. 

Quit feeling so emotionally bad when the most minor-est thing happens to Matt. I understand you love him but save the worse for the worse because that is when he will need it the most. He needs you not only physically but emotionally. So save it for then. He will thank you for that.

Whatever it is you are doing now to prevent from being taking advantage of, keep on doing it

Quit having a hot iron fight with your bangs. You are not winning. Buy some moose and win the fight. They will hate you and love you for it.

Keep thinking so much and so hard. You know when you think a lot about something or someone you come to a conclusion or a better outcome for that situation or person. So keep on doing that.

Don't get mad or have second thoughts about ending previous friendships. There was a reason you walked away. And as Matt has said, it was a good thing. You know what you were doing and refuse to be taken advantage of anymore. Let the person get mad, lie and claim what it is she is claiming. Don't change it and don't get mad. You are doing great in college, have a sweet boyfriend, some funny friends, a wide open future and a strong supported family. You have a lot on your plate, she doesn't. Focus on yourself.. the positive... not the negative.  

It is okay for you to become upset at the doctor office when you are ask every time what happen to you during your pregnancy. You attend a clinic that is a school and will see someone different every time. You do not visit them often and that is the only time you ever really truly speak about it. Talk about it. Don't hold back or feel embarrassed. If they can't understand your tears, choking back of words or refusal of given certain information for the 10th time then they are in the wrong profession.

Don't get mad or upset with that test is negative instead of positive. You will become pregnant again. Stop thinking about it. It will happen again unexpectedly just like before when you least expect it and that will be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Stop feeling less of yourself because of situations. You will make mistakes and will not be able to do certain things. A lot of times you will fail doing it the first time but this does not mean this will happen every time.

Understand that some people (regardless of their age) do not have the mental stabilization to process, accept and move on from minor situations. When she drives by staring with that bull dog face, calls restricted or purposely drives by your home staring at it, it's okay. Every one reacts differently to situations. Some reactions are more healthy than others. Just wish her the best. Whatever is affecting her is beyond words or actions and is totally out of our hands and we cannot change that. Let it be. You have enough positive things on your plate. Even if she is nearly 35 years older than you....................

Quit the sudden negative over confidence. Aim for positive. The negative only brings you down when it wears off. 

Stop freaking out when you submit work in. Before you should over look and ask yourself if you gave in all even if you truly knew all the answers. Allow confidence to kick in then click submit. Don't worry about it. 

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  1. Oh the number of times I had to tell myself to stop thinking about the negative tests. It will happen.

  2. I wish I could tell myself alot of things, like stop thinking about fertility and will it ever be my month and lots of other stuff but unfornately I wouldnt listen.

  3. Love your blog! Just started following you :)

    with love,

    follow me @http://somethingbeautifultheblog.blogspot.com/

  4. What a wonderful letter to yourself. May I add something to that? Be gentle with yourself at all times.

    And thanks for the sweet shout out to the giveaway! I am ten minutes away from choosing someone! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some love today Nicole. I love this letter to yourself, it's so easy to get overwhelmed with things in life. This is a great reminder to stay strong and positive. I enjoyed it. Enjoy your Sunday - we're heading into late Sunday night now. I'm not ready for Monday!

  6. What a great letter... I may have to do this for myself.

  7. Yes, aim for the positive always!! When you focus on the positive, life usually becomes more positive. It's just a matter of perspective. :)

  8. love this letter! especially your bits about not being jealous of others who seem to do it better then you. i think we all need to hear that!

  9. They say that people can only take advantage of you if you let them. I agreee, it's hard sometimes but you've got to stick up for yourself.

  10. I love that you share such deep feelings. It's nice to know I'm not the only person on earth that gets sad, mad, etc...These are really great tips to yourself and to me. Thank you!

  11. This is a great post. Thanks for being so honest! There is a plague in the blogging world of bloggers that only post when things are right, and I always feel like I don't measure up, because I have a lot of bad days. You are so real and so sensitive, I love it, it's nice to know I am not alone. Nice to meet you. I'm glad I found your blog! keep it up. :)