Jan 21, 2012

Dear reoccurring tonsillitis,

You have been a terrible tenant. 
To show my appreciation of what a real ass hole you are
this here is what we call a public blog. Yes the world will read my rage against you & I am not having second thoughts on printing this post out and showing to my doctor.
That is how serious I am.

You made your home 2 years ago after I got a form of Strep Throat. There was no fever or cough. Just a real bad nasty feeling and looking throat. Few months later my tonsils became swollen. No fever at all just pain. I have now visit the doctor twice for my throat. About 6 months my 'strep throat' came back. Once again no fever just pain but now my right lymph node is swollen and hard and won't go back to normal. One more time my tonsils became swollen, again.

And then you hit me. Hard. 

I went to bed the night before that terrible morning feeling okay. I had class the next morning at 10. I awoke around 9 (late as usual) feeling terrible. The whole world was spinning, my entire mouth and nose was dry and felt raw and I was freezing. The lymph nodes in my neck hurt so bad that my neck as hurting. I did not want to get up at all but I did. The ride to school was bad. Every turn, honk and view of branch swinging through the wind was dreadful. When I arrive and got out the car I swear for a minute as I was walking everything went black. My eyes were wide open and I was aware of people around but everything was black. I then was able to see again but I felt a sudden rush of pressure on my head and felt like I was going to pass out. I step in the evaluator, went up to the third floor, walk to my class and sat in my sit in the back of the class. A few students as well as my professor ask if I was alright because I look ill and pale but I told them I was okay. Then it happen again. In the middle of lecture everything went black. By now I couldn't take it anymore and thankfully my mom was waiting down stairs. The walk to the car was bad. When I arrived I pulled the seat back to lay down and beg my mom to drive me home as quick as possible as I moan in pain. 

When I got home I check my temperature. 101.8. Whatttt? That explains a lot. My mom called my doctor and he wasn't in his office (Jewish Holiday) but he prescribed me some medicine. My temperature went down and my swollen infected tonsils went back to normal.

That was scary. Then you gave me pharyngotonsillitis. 
You then cause me to hate you even more. Due to your selfishness I wasn't able to talk for 4 days and it just so happen EVERYONE at my school ask me something. Thanks a lot. Now you are NOT only painful but annoying. Thankfully, I did not get fever like last time. 

Then, unexpectedly, you hit me hard, AGAIN. 
Man you are a pain in my f**king ass. This time you decided to get me at the most PERFECT time in the world! In the middle of finals, few days before Christmas and, the best one of all, no health insurance! Actually, Mister or Miss infection, I do have health insurance however I have been fighting with them. So you decided to start up again. This time was similar to last time minus the lack of speech. THIS time however you got the best of me and was very stubborn. That damn fever would not go down. The highest fever I reach was 103.5. You lasted a total of 3 freaking days. I was crying, moaning in pain and literally begging for mercy. Eventually, you left. Thank you. 

But all is not over it yet. 
The more frequent you come, the worse episode you give. Since December 21st my throat has been hurting. The top of my mouth near my tonsils feels raw. My tonsils also hurt and they are bit irritated. Every night my when I sleep I snore like a dying horse (according to everyone..) and my mouth is completely dry. As I breathe throw my nose I can feel the rawness and pain of the back of my throat. All throughout the day it hurts and no matter what I eat, drink or take I cannot find relief at all. Every so often I constantly spit God knows what. THANK YOU.

Thankfully, ass hole, as of February 2, I will have my insurance back and an appointment as already been made. You will be discuss and I hope to obtain a referral to a ENT specialist as well as better medication. Your day will come. Meanwhile I would like to thank you also for the time you cause my boyfriend to become sick. Knowing he has Asthma. Thanks!

Your day will come. 
I know, unfortunately, I will need to get tonsils remove. But guess what? Your in luck. THAT won't be to easy. You can never lose, can you? Not only will I be in pain I will miss school as well as seeing Matthew. What is more important you ask? All 3.  
Not only will I be in physical pain but mental and emotional as well as angry. What more do you want from me? You've kicked my ass. 

When you are removed.. as disgusting and evil it sounds.. I want to take a damn toothpick and poke you a million times then burn you. Yes. I. Do. Want. To. You won't feel it but it sure the hell will make me feel better when my throat is killing me for 2-3 weeks after surgery.

I hope then you will never come back or make a home elsewhere.

Your landlord, 
P.S. I hope you LOVE the gargle with warm water and salt last night! I know I did.

One more thing;
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Ms. Taylor would be happy
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  1. Ugh that is so not fun at all! I had the same issues with my evil appendix when I was 16. Horrible stomachaches are NOT fun either.

    You'll be much happier after surgery!

  2. hope you start feeling better sweetie! this just sounds terrible. : /

  3. ah you poor dear.

    feel better super super soon.


  4. I know how that is, I had been sick when I was in my 20's for a year on and off before I got a doctor who realized I had an abcess on my tonsils -by that time I had a critical fever and they removed them immediatley. I havent had any problems since. I hope you feel better soon and get yours taken out. xo

    1. Ughh it sucks! I hope once they are remove all this nonsense will be over with.

  5. :( hope you get to feeling better! getting your tonsils out will make such a difference!

  6. ooooh no i so hope you are feeling better soon :(
    this letter was quite entertaining and witty though :)

    1. Haa. I'm glad you found it entertaining (:

  7. Oh my, that sounds horrible. I hope Feb 2nd comes quickly for you. I'm sure you'll be counting down the days. In the time being, I hope you can find some comfort. Feel better!

  8. Oh gosh! That sounds awful. I had my tonsils out last year, glad I did! Hope you feel better soon girl!

    Courtney Lane

  9. Oh man, that sound horrible and painful. I hope you get it removed soon

    Check out my blog!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  10. Yikes, I hope it goes away and never comes back. I've had tons of dental issues so I can kind of relate.

    Hope venting made you feel better!

  11. Aw, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well! Hope you get better soon :(

  12. Oh man, I'm sorry :( Sounds terrible!! Get well soon!