Jan 14, 2012

37 years ago today..

My big brother Thomas (Tommy) was born at 37 weeks with his entire intestines, stomach, spleen, gall bladder and liver out side of his body in Texas in a Military base hospital. He was 3 pounds 2 ounces and according to my mother the doctor could not understand why his heart beat was beating so fast and 'needed to get the baby out now'.

By the age of 2 months he already undergone 7 operations. During that time frame my mother was told his liver failed and he had less than a 1% chance to live and it was best for her to get ready to say goodbye to her son. He some how improved on his own. He also survived the surgery that took 10 hours to  slowly place all his organs back into his little body.

My mother was finally able to hold her son after 5 months. Here is one their first photo's together..
Hell was still not over yet. My mother was told he might be 'slower' then the other kids in his age group and he will never be able to have children because of damage cause to his testicles. 

My mother moved back to her home state Wisconsin & a few short years past with little to no problem....

Up until he was 4 years old and was diagnose with a Hiatal Hernia. 
The doctors had to go back in again and place his intestines back in correctly. After 2 operations most children in the a hospital are recovering and simply want to go home, right? Not this kid. Instead he was mad at the doctors, the nurses and every one else he thought had something to do with his operation. He couldn't understand why he didn't have a belly button like the rest of the kids he's seen. What my brother had was just a very long and thick noticeable scar on his chest and stomach. He fuss about it, refuse to eat and basically would not corporate for a short period of time. The doctor eventually told my mother if he would have known at the time how much a belly button meant to a 4 year old he could of just made a tiny one for him. 

Years went on and he lived a normal happy life. He accepted his scars and made jokes about it. When my mother moved to Florida my brother use to tell people he fought an Alligator and his scar is there to prove it.  As a teenager he loved to hang with friends, go to school and paint. He is very artistic and love building things. He showed no signs of problems at all. 

When he turn 15 he stub his toe into some coral and almost lost his entire leg after trying to hid it from my mom. He spent his entire summer break in a hospital bed. He went through a few girl friends, won a few art contests and work several jobs. He join the local electrical union and lived the single life for awhile. Until he meet his now wife Allison. 

I love hanging out with my big bro. He use to take me to coolest places, let me eat all the pizza I wanted and paint all over his floor. He took me along with his girlfriend to Disney, Bush Gardens and to Sea World several of times. I use to (& still til this day) annoy him and play pranks on him. When were together it's like we will never grown up. 

Here are a few pictures of him and I when I was young and his wife;

After years of living together they finally got married

and a year later came their first after a storm (miscarriage),
Kathryn! [current age 9]

then came my favorite little boy in the world Thomas JR [age 6]

then came Alicia! [age 4]

All seems well and perfect, right? Well, it's been a tough long road..... Like many of us my brother lost his job as well as his home and experience other hardship. He accidently knock all the teeth out of his mouth then had them place back in, underwent surgery for a dangerous hernia, fell 30 feet to be caught at 15 by a coworker and experience a few Herniated Disk in his neck. Unfortunately, besides all of that, he has been a alcoholic for 15 plus years and has been addicted to pills, coke and as well as weed. He wakes up drinking warm vodka and falls asleep drunk. There has been a lot of fights, words that shouldn't been said and more. 

Then, unexpectedly, came Marilyn! [age 1 1/2]

Regardless of what odds those doctors put on my mothers plate, he overcame them and proved everyone wrong without even trying! I thank my mother and God everyday for all their strength, love and support they had for him and gave. If it wasn't for them he would not be here today nor his baby-doll-look-a-like perfect children. He is an amazing, smart and funny guy who has done so much for his family and himself. I love you forever big brother. Always have, always will. 

His latest artistic project.
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  1. Wow what a heartfelt story! That is so amazing that he beat the odds and has been able to live his life to it's fullest :) God is good!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. What an amazing story!! God is so good! I am so happy that he has been blessed with a wonderful wife and so many beautiful kids!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to your brother. His story gave me goosebumps!

  4. Wow such a touching story, and a brave man! xo Shane

  5. This story is wonderful. Seems like a miracle that he's here today! And his children are over the top adorable! :)

  6. Over the time long I spent in PICU, just from my perspective I dont attribute anything to god, I witnessed alot of pain and suffering and death by not just my own child but many other children as well; none of who deserved suched tragedy.

    I did love your heartwarming and beautifly written story and its good hear of someone overcoming such odds. For my own reasons it's also good to know that your brother didnt remember all the surgerys or the pain in PICU when he was very young. I am glad you shared such a heartfelt story. His children are beautiful. Being able to write his story shows so much love xo

    1. I understand your point and I too am happy he didn't experience anything. According to my mom when she was in the PICU with my brother the nurse ask if after he was born if she would be back for son. She was furious and couldn't understand why she was ask such a question. She then learn a lot of mother's do not come back. While in the hospital a baby was born ill to a mother who was a junkie. My mom said she remembers the baby being mentally retarded and having internal bleeding. The mother visited her baby a few times then never came back. Sadly, my mom wish the baby would just pass on. I've gone through my hate with God and I probably always will. PICU and any other intensive care unit is a terrible place to be. I spent 2 months (including Christmas) in a ICU when I was 5. I was isolated because I was thought to have Scarlet Fever along with other issues. I don't remember much of pain besides feeling sad, crying, cold and lonely thankfully. I feel that the parents of the child are the one's who make the big difference.

  7. aw thanks for commenting on my tebow post so that i could read this post of yours ... God is so good ... and that's awesome how He blessed your bother with a beautiful family!

  8. Wow thank you so much for sharing your brothers story. I am so happy he and your family made it through that and now he is an adult with his own beautiful family!!

  9. My, what a long, bumpy road your brother has had, but also what beautiful children he has & he is clearly very very talented! It shines through how proud of him you are, what a lovely honest post :)

  10. What a heartfelt story, you and your family are so strong-willed. I'm proud of you and your family:)

    Warm regards