Jan 4, 2015

Photo Dump

The 'sunny side' of breakfast 

 Web Cam Fun since the babe feel asleep on me

Xmas gift for my mom - hand drawn with sharpie marker then baked at 400 degree's for 45 minutes

Playing volleyball

Xmas Eve 

Xmas gift for my mom - Dreamcatcher 

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Dec 17, 2014

Late post of pics!

Halloween Costume - Zipper Face Doctor

Checking out the Velodrome 

Beach Days

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Dec 9, 2014

'Can't think of a title..'

DIY Suncatcher made with melted pony beads

Exhausted after a 2 hour bike ride

Am I the only one around here who LOVES Christmas?! The shopping, decor, the food, the tree.. I mean come on people! It's the best time of the year!!

And speaking of shopping...................

My big brother got four kid's that I am madly in love with. My mother and I have a big problem with picking up too much stuff for them. Wrapping these presents alone took me roughly 2 hours (cause I'm a terrible wrapper.. or perhaps it does take that long with that amount of toys??). I haven't even gone shopping for anyone else! All the presents under the tree now are for the kids only! 

Xoxo, Nicole 
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Sep 21, 2014

An informative post!

Can you believe that its almost October? I dunno' about you but all those great family-filled holidays will arrive soon then BAM - we welcome 2015. Sheesh la weesh! Where does the time go?

So I decided to share some info with ya'll.
(Yah know.. FINALLY posting something that is actually useful!)
Not that any of it may be useful to you but its always good to learn something new, right?!

Common age of deaths

No.. I am not a freak. But when you are in the medical field you are exposed to practically EVERY crazy thing in the universe and you become attracted to weird stuff like this. Read the article here

The 27 club..

Many stars died young but many belong to the 27 Club. A list of other artisit/celebrities is here. I'm not sure if any of you know this but I have the biggest crush on Kurt Cobain. I love all of his music. My heart goes out to his daughter..

Walmarts Ad-Match Policies 

This one is for all of you 'I hate Walmart!' people. What is there to hate about Walmart? There prices are cheaper, they have everything - but I get it. They are always crowded (never when I go at 7am) and no one helps you.. I understand my friend. BUT when Walmart price matches Publixs, Winn Dixies, CVS, Walgreens, Target, and all the rest - it's a no brainier! 

Example: Lets say Publix has Honey Nut Cheerios buy one get one free (or BOGO). At my local Publix they are $4.50. So buy one at $4.50, get the other free! BUT @ at Walmart they are $2.98. At the check out I show the cashier that Publix has the cereal at BOGO price (must show current Publix or store sales paper unless the cashier trust you) and Walmart will MATCH IT! So I got my cereal for only $1.49 a box at Walmart ($2.98 BOGO) compare to $2.25 a box at Publix!

Another example: Winn Dixie has Bumble Tuna or Chicken of the Sea for $1 but it's $1.50 at Walmart. Show the cashier that it's $1 at Winn Dixie (showing the current Winn Dixie Ad unless the cashier trust you) and Walmart will MATCH IT! That's a saving of $.50.!

Although I buy a lot of store brand items at Walmart because its cheaper if there is a cheaper price I would ad match since it would be cheaper to buy the name brand item at BOGO price after its matched then to buy their already cheap store brand.

I dunno' how it is at your Walmart. So please.. if you do pick up this great saving technique and all fails; its a hassle to match, etc - don't sue me or kick my butt. I will tell you that every store follows their own thing (although they are suppose to follow what corporate says..) so you may be only allowed to match 1-2 items OR the cashier may not even know how to ad-match. Take into consideration that were all are only human and that miscommunication does occur. I never have had a problem at the 2 Walmarts I visit. The girls love me and never ask to see my papers - they just ad-match it all for me!

(I shop at several other stores besides Walmart but a majority of my shopping is done at Walmart)

The reason WHY you don't ever eat yogurt or anything at all!
Dannon admitted and see's no wrong with putting crushed bugs in its yogurt.
Nope. I am not talking crazy. You read right.
Article 1: here           Article 2: here          Article 3: here

It can't get any more nasty then this, right? Look for the following ingredients on your yogurt label!

  • Carmine - Crushed Beetles (Found in Dannon Strawberry, Blue Berry - Found in Publix Blue Berry, Black Berry)
  • Castoreum - Castor sacs found in beavers to locate territories by scent (Found in artificial vanilla and some berry flavoring)
Starbucks used to use carmine is there frapps but apparently do not anymore.

- Gelatin - is an protein often collected from anaimal skin (sorry vegans.................)
- Mechanically Separated Meat - Mainly found in hot dog but it other foods. Bones and cartilage of the animal is found in the meat when this production occurs
- Why some red meat won't brown while some does - carbon monoxide is injected into the plastic wrapping before its wrapped to prevent discoloration, some companies don't use carbon monoxide..
- Jelly Beans, Candy Corn, etc - Shellac, an sticky substance from an insect gives these candies it's shine
- Saltwater Injections - Injections made into meat and chicken to increase the weight size of the product and to give it flavor. Then people question why diabetes is on the rise - too much salt!
- Viruses - Are found in packaged lunch meat to make bacterial sick. Bacteriophage is its name 
- Ammonia - Found in ground beef to kill bacterial

And this is why I am so careful with what I eat!

Whoah. I am getting sleeping. My bed is calling! I hope you all enjoy the info! <3

(I was not paid or asked to post any of this. I was bored!
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Aug 31, 2014

For the love of cats..

Because seriously.. cats are the cutest things ever!!

My baby Midnite..

Pretty Bella..

Sylvester. My other boyfriend. I have the BIGGEST cat crush on him - ever.

My baby Midnite..

Sylvester. I have the BIGGEST cat crush on him - ever.

Not named yet.. 

My baby Midnite checking out my dad's new truck.

Pretty Bella..

Sylvester. I have the BIGGEST cat crush on him - ever.

My baby Midnite..

Not named yet..

Sylvester. I have the BIGGEST cat crush on him - ever.

My baby Midnite sleeping on my new bed sheets.

Pretty Bella

Not named yet..

 Sylvester. I have the BIGGEST cat crush on him - ever.

My baby Midnite..
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